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Sugar and chocolate sugar cookies (Renee's favorite!) Now offering Vegan and working on Gluten Free. We ask for a minimum of 1 dozen - with as much notice as possible but at least 2 weeks. If you have a large order - please allow more time. We can and will consider any quantity for your event. Special packaging is available at extra charge otherwise cookies are delivered in a bakers box. We can ship anywhere in the continental US with that charge added to your order.


Please call for your needs, ideas and or occasion. We will do our best to create an artful cookie for your special occasion.

Renee and Amy are sisters. About 10 years ago they started a small custom cookie business by accident. Amy is a nurse and Renee was in school to become an occupational therapy assistant.
They remember their first few cookies (more than that actually). The football looked a bit like what you might find in your yard... But with time, research, practice and a lot of "boo boo" cookies they finally mastered their recipe and technique. Amy is the baker and has dedicated a lot of time to master the cookie recipe while Renee is the artist and continually critiques her work - but all of this is what delivers a quality edible piece of art. Whether it is an order for 12 or 200 the last cookie has to taste and look as good as the first. Nothing less will do. 
Renee had to move from Orlando in 2011 to peruse her career as a therapist and the cookie business kind of fell to the side but they never stopped thinking about cookies. They constantly sent each other pictures and wished they return to doing what they love. 
Life has a way of changing things and it did. At the beginning of this year life threw both of them a curveball - about 1 week apart. That trial led them back to cookies. Renee called Amy and said "we have to do this", it is what we have wanted and now we have to give it our all. The next day they met for lunch and decided to go for it. While they have to spend a lot of time together, they are sisters. The giggles come and icing fights have happened. Sometimes they just laugh and they don't know why. The later it gets - the sillier they get.  
The Artful Flour is the rebirth of their previous passion. Renee and Amy are dedicated to detail, taste and bringing your cookie needs to an artful fruition.  


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